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I started writing this Blog in the Autumn 2012, and the response since then has been phenomenal; over 26,000 readers to date! So last year I decided it was finally time to head back to university and put all these ideas and research to good use, and I am now well under way to doing a PhD. My research is primarily about females on the spectrum, and why it is so common for them to be misdiagnosed, but on a wider scale it also concerns mental health difficulties with those on the spectrum and how individuals learn to cope and hide their impairments. It is a much needed piece of research and I hope I can do it justice. As I am sure you are all aware from experiencing these problems yourselves or from reading my Blog and my experiences of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder, the repercussions of not being diagnosed until later in life and receiving a misdiagnosis are incredibly stress inducing and really detrimental to leading a happy and satisfying life. So the main aim of this research is to improve diagnosis and identifying the condition in this hidden group of individuals, thus preventing further stress induced issues and providing the correct support.

BUT, and it is a big but, doing a PhD inevitably costs money. So, I am appealing for support.

If you would like to find out more information about the project, whether to consider financially contributing to the work or just out of interest, then please use the contact details below. If you are able to donate then you will be sent regular updates on how the research is going. Likewise if you would be interested in volunteering to take part in this research then please send me your contact details (just email address will do).




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  1. I am a 35 yr old african american female. I think I was overlooked. I am and have always been gifted, socially awkward, anxious and very artistic. Just got a psych eval done in February because I had my own suspicions. The results were inconclusive … but they couldnt rule out BPD or bi polar. I have been *self medicating* since I was about 15… i love everybody. I empathize with everybody in every way. Thats why I cant watch too much of the news or ANY horror movies especially the satanic and demonic ones. I have a very strong intimate relationship with God but dont have a husband even though I long for one. I am a single parent of three children. They are my world. I see myself in them and their quirks also led me to investigate myself further. I would love to volunteer my results as help for a black woman with possible aspergers is hard to find since I guess I dont exist.

    • You Don’t exist? i have felt the same. Do not worry. You are not alone. I have sometimes felt that I am bi polar, am artistic, am definitely aspergic and have been pressured to become everything that I wasn’t. FRom birth. I suspect this. Thank you for posting this, it has made me feel better. I too have a relationship with god, for he helps me to get thru when things get tough. But I am alone, and afraid. Scared. paralysed for fear that I will have this problem and it will never go away. I am being brutally honest here. I am frightened of everyone, because i have beene hurt and felt for everything. I have ptsd, and little things remind me every day of times there were so hard I can’t type them out. Thank you

    • Your sad if you think you don’t exist but you have three kids. You long for a husband, what happen to their father or fathers ?

      You need help or else those kids will suffer worse than you since you think you have a problem. All your issues get passed to your kids,they feel their mommies pain and the is stress they do not need. Maybe if you gave them to the dada for awhile and sought help for a while,things would get better!

  2. I fit with a scary majority of you’re findings/research interests and specifically you’re article.

    “Over-indulged in therapy much of which has been hilariously bad or damaging”

    I would word it in a different way to prevent guilt ridden conversation analysis later, but I’m extremely relieved you are open to “say it out loud” as its been my experience too. Thank you!
    5 different meds a day with two PRN meds on top of that for emergencies before the root of my issues was cracked. When I came off those I started playing music again and feeling life again. It’s the demands of living I severely struggle with.

    I was mis diagnosed with BPD when 18 and then re diagnosed with OCD when 23-24. Body Dysmorphia was also mentioned then too. I have had various Psychiatrists since 18 and a Psychologist for the last 2 years and she picked up on Aspergers which I had never considered despite music being something I just seem to pick up etc. I was tested 4-5 months ago and I was described as “clear cut Aspergers Syndrome” 25 by that age. I was in hospital in December just past and now ADHD is the new addition to Asperger’s & OCD. I flare up in situations where I am around others as its too much contradicting information to process. I go in circles and manifest in traits of OCD & ADHD.

    If I can potentially help others by sharing my experience of Asperger’s Syndrome with you, please get in touch.

    Take care

    • Hi Tia, I’m not sure if I ever responded to this, possibly not I’m sorry. It’s great to hear from you. I am currently doing so work on BPD in people with Aspergers so may well indeed be in touch shortly!

  3. My 39 year old daughter is currently attempting to get an Asperger’s diagnosis with the only psychologist that does testing in her area. I’m sure most of his experience is with children. He was hinting to her after their 2 hour interview and testing that she more likely has BPD. She and I think she has had undiagnosed symptoms of ASD since she was very young (preschool) and that left her open to bullying, difficulties with relationships with friends, unwanted sexual attention from boys because she developed by age 9 and was being counselled for depression by the time she was 10. Surely all of this could be attributed to ASD. Doesn’t BPD show up in teenagers and not young children? When the psychologist commented to her at their appointment that she looked too well dressed to have ASD, I started to have concerns over his lack of experience diagnosing adult women for potential ASD. Any thoughts?

    • Definitely, you need a second opinion, that is not appropriate. Aspergers doesn’t look a certain way, all the women with it I know dress well. BPD symptoms overlap a lot but it’s a mistake to diagnose that over aspergers because she’s female, they look similar sometimes but they’re very different. Can you be referred out of your area or go privately?

  4. Hi, 48yr old mature Warwick university student, diagnosed 2 weeks ago!!!!!!! I’m confused, raw and ashamed of my label. But now I know why I always felt different and viewed life as an outsider peeking through the window of the social world of interaction. Who really am I and which bit is my stage me.

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