‘Light it up Blue’ for Autism Awareness Day 2014!;

It doesn’t feel like all that long ago I was writing a post for Autism Awareness Day 2013, it has come around again so quickly and so much has been happening. I decided to organize a blue themed fundraiser day in my office to ‘celebrate’ the occasion. One colleague questioned the term ‘celebratory’ for such an occasion, but the alternative is to either commiserate  or to ignore, which does not sound very in the spirit and I can’t think of any better way to acknowledge and support autism other than to celebrate every aspect of it. Difference before disorder and all that jazz.

The charity’Autism Speaks’ ‘Light it Up Blue’ campaign will this year see buildings and monuments from all over the world being lit up blue. Last night the BBC played a remarkable program on their Horizon series called ‘Living with Autism’, which looked at the work of world leading autism expert Professor Uta Frith. As well as this the National Autistic Society are celebrating with a ‘Onesie Wednesday’ day and many more charities and organisations over the world are joining in.

Here are our modest attempts, all donations going towards the National Autism Society:




I have decided to treat Autism Awareness Day like New Years by making autism specific resolutions. In the last year I have been slightly self-centered, working on my own acceptance and understanding of my disorder and also building up my confidence. I think I still have a long way to go with that, but this year I am going to concentrate more on my research and in particular tackle the monster that is presentations and public speaking! What are yours?

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