The Workload Algorithm

It has been over three months since my last blog post. Three months which I can’t say have been the best; however, as I sit here nursing inflamed organs awaiting test results, I have been forced to reflect on my own unhappiness, and even more scary than that, how to cure it! In the absence of being able to eat any comfort food or go anywhere that requires a vertical position for longer than 20 minutes, I have considered my methodology thoroughly. One obvious contribution to my unhappiness has been my never ending to-do-list, a result of my pathological inability to say no. As an Aspie it kills me every day seeing the number of tasks without a little tick by their name, a constant reminder of my general slowness and impaired multi-tasking functioning. It’s a list i’ve been working on for some time, slowly chipping away at, then just as I was nearing completion a wave of mania hit me and the list not only doubled but became multiple separate lists; I now require a to-do list for my to-do lists. My counsellor, somewhat frustrated by me, suggested a simple solution; only have six tasks on at any one time. However, not one for simple solutions I have remodelled this into the Workload Algorithm. The six task solution had too many unanswered questions, for example what if all six were massive year long projects? Or what if an emergency came along? I needed to find a solution that was sensitive to the varying levels of intensity and duration of incoming tasks. I was also massively procrastinating from my massive to-do list and got very fixated. One hour later and this is the result:

workload agorithm

A formulae, which takes into account how long the task will take to do, how long I have to do it, AS WELL AS how intense the task will be, tells me what percentage of my manageable workload is taken up and how much is left over. Not only does it tell me that but the neat little pie chart adjusts itself accordingly.

The main question is will it work? Probably not to be honest, but it’s nice to have a fixation every now and then that produces something useful, and if it’s reminded me of anything it’s that a full working week isn’t necessarily a productive week.

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  1. I hope you feel better, soon, and am glad you’re still posted, even if infrequently.

    I fell sick at a conference, last fall, and spent 8 days in the hospital with inflamed organs, not allowed to eat or drink for 6 of those days. At least they let me get up and walk endless circles around the ward. I found an upside to being hospitalized 3000 miles from home, though: no one comes to visit!

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