10 things not to tell a woman with Asperger’s or High-Functioning Autism

1. But your autism is only very mild


It’s not the flu virus.

2.Have you ever thought that maybe you just have an anxiety disorder?


Oh, I didn’t realise accountants had medical degrees too!?

3. I don’t see why you need to label yourself, you’re fine as you are


Labels are not a luxury item.

4. But you can make eye contact!


Thanks, i’ve counted out literally each second i’ve had to look into your eyes and feel mine burning in response.

5. You just need to get out there and face your fears!


I can guarantee you that’s not going to work. That’s like telling a non-swimmer just to jump in the deep end and give it a go!

6. So how does it effect you? (Hears answer) Oh, is that all!?


Well that’s not belittling at all!

7. But you socialise fine


Thanks, i’ve only had to diligently watch people my entire life to figure out how to do it and go to the toilet about a hundred times before meeting someone.

8. May you’re just an introvert


Of course, why didn’t the Psychiatrist think of that during my 5 hour assessment!?

9. Are you good with computers and numbers then?


Are you?

10. Oh I get nervous around people too


No the same my friend, not the same.

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  1. Great blog post… I don’t really like the use of ‘functioning labels’ though… Perhaps just better left @ 10 things not to tell a woman (or indeed any person, regardless of gender) who had Aspergers or Autism.

  2. Thanks for sharing; Great** I think my SIL has HFA; she has an Oddness about her? Difficult to put in words; but she is super sweet! They weren’t
    diagnosing way back when; She’s 70-71.

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